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As E-drive systems specialist are you working on electrical drive systems and the challenges they pose. You are working to develop and maintain e-drive systems for machines and vehicles. The skills demanded among other things of our designers, test engineers and development engineers in the automotive industry.

After the training, you have learned

Electrochemical storage technology, control systems and functions of power electronics, EMC, the challenges it faces in terms of metrology and currents with high frequencies, the laws and regulations governing the business and how best to convey knowledge to colleagues and employees.

The distance structure

The education is full-time (100%) and the student needs to be available during daytime. There are 6 meetings during the education.

Our directorate contains the following companies:


Good to know

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Basic eligibility

If you search the formal study qualifications, you are formally qualified for admission to an education if you meet one of the following:

  1. Have a high school diploma from secondary school and municipal adult education.
  2. If a Swedish or foreign education that meets the requirements of paragraph 1.
  3. Resident in Denmark, Finland, Iceland or Norway and is authorized to appropriate training.
  4. The Swedish or foreign education, practical experience or because of some other circumstance has the potential to benefit your education.

Specific requirements

Lowest score E (Pass or similar):
– Mathematics 3b or 3c (mathematical
– English 6 (English B)
– Physics 1 (Physics A)
– Chemistry 1 (Chemistry A)

Prior learning

You can also search training with real skills, that is, if you have no formal qualifications but feel that you have the necessary prerequisites can apply to have your real skills tested. Learn more about searching with real expertise here .

Behörighetsgivande förutbildning

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Utbildningen är kostnadsfri med distansupplägg och bedrivs på svenska.



  • – Introduction to electricity in vehicle, 20 p
  • – Electrical machines, 20 p
  • – Power electronics, 20 p
  • – Laws, standards and guidelines for electrical vehicles, 15 p
  • – Electrical measurement, 15 p
  • – Electrical storagesystems, 20 p
  • – EMC, 15 p
  • – Test tools and HW platforms, 15 p
  • – Internship, 50 p
  • – Degree Project, 10 p

In total, 200 points

Program objectives

Program objectives

After completing the program, students should have the skills to:
1. describe in detail, explain the design of electrical appliances with electric drive systems for vehicles.
2. detailed account of the function of controlling the electric drive system, power electronics building function and design requirements, and to make the necessary calculations for these.
3. Calculate and dimension cabling and energy storage by the applicable standards and specifications.
4. Apply practical metrology in a critical and analytical way with respect to the instruments’ limitations.
5. Communicate with and lead colleagues and employees work with e-driven system to create a creative and safe workplace.

Distance learning

YrkesAkademin has many distance educations. These programmes suits you who want to study from wherever you want and be more flexible.  You need to have a computer with a web cam, headset and a solid Wi Fi connection.

There are some physical classes that are important to attend. Between the classes, you have contact with your teacher to help you achieve the goals of the education. Full-time studies means that you should study approximately 40 hours a week and it is therefore important to take responsibility and allocate time correctly.


200 YH-point, 1 Year

training Locations

Trollhättan, DISTANCE

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and qualify for  student aid from CSN .

Course Starts

September 3rd 2018

Application deadline

May 15th 2018

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